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Institute for Imaginative Inquiry 2019
July 15 – 18, 2019
Catherine Cook School, Chicago, IL

As a part of the Progressive Education Network’s Independent Workshop Series, the Institute for Imaginative Inquiry will be conducting a four-day training in the pedagogy of Imaginative Inquiry. Join us as we take you through the arc of a year-long Social Studies unit which enrolls students as Time-Traveling Archaeologists on a Top-Secret Mission! As team members on this crucial mission, students learn from the past, exploring the lives of the native peoples who lived on Manhattan island for thousands of years, and the Dutch and enslaved Africans who arrived in the 1600s.

Guided by inquiry and fueled by research, students are immersed in authentic learning as they explore the development of Manhattan over time. After “time-traveling” using the methods of Imaginative Inquiry, students are asked to use their knowledge of the past to create a better future for their city and all of its living inhabitants. Imaginative Inquiry ignites student’s imaginations as together, teachers and students create exciting contexts for learning. It allows students to be anyone, anywhere, any time, doing anything!

Participants will explore how the conventions, techniques, and philosophy of Imaginative Inquiry allow students to learn the history of social change through a collective process-one that engages not only their intellectual capacities, but also their physical, social, and emotional selves. Imaginative Inquiry strengthens student’s social imagination, allowing them to create, reflect, and practice becoming agents of change in our world.

Registration Fee: $1,200
Tuition Assistance Grants are available. Click HERE to apply.

For questions, contact: info@imaginativeinquiry.com